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KY Gel

The best before date on this product is 04-2023, that's why it is in huge discount. 

KY Gel - surely a household name!  Lubricant used to be sold mainly to females that were plagued by vaginal dryness because of the menopause KY Gel has ensured smooth and pain-free sex for decades! Of course by now, young couples and singles have discovered the benefits of a quality lubricant. Whether it is during long sessions or spontaneous quickies, this lube makes the difference, and guarantees a good, smooth romp!

KY Gel is safe and reliable

KY gel is a very reliable brand with a long history in medicine. You may have spotted it in a physician's office or in a hospital; it has been in use in the medical world for decades.
KY Gel was introduced as K-Y Jelly in the American market by Johnson & Johnson in 1917. In the meantime it has been used in European hospitals and clinics for more than 50 years.
It eases internal operations. Safe, natural, and intimate

Sterile purposes

KY Lubrication Jelly Sterile is also used for probes, for example for a suprapubic probe.
It is also applied during electrotherapy, cystoscopic procedures, digital research, and for vaginal and anal lubrication. 

KY gel is:
- Sterile
- Fat free
- Transparent
- Soluble in water
- Non-irritating

KY is not a contraceptive, but it is very suitable for usage in combination with condoms.  


KY Gel comes in a classic tube with a clip-cap. You only need a little of this product, and it does not dry out quickly.

Suitable for toys

Worldwide, KY is the most popular brand of lubricants. KY Gel is also perfect for sex toys. A tube contains 82 grams, making it a little bit more expensive than Nature lubricant, which is also water-based, and similarly odourless, and CE-approved.KY Gel is a sterile, fat free, transparent, water-soluble, non-irritating jelly, designed to provide users with a natural moistening.

KY Gel ingredients

- Aqua
- Glycerine
- Hydroxyethyl cellulose
- Gluconolactone
- Chlorhexidine digluconate
- Methylparaben
- Sodium hydroxide

We obviously offer this product at a very sharp price. The best before date on this product is 04-2023, afther that you can shill use it, but that is what the manufactory need to put on it. 

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