Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation - EPH3 - Asahi Mizuno

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Extreme Pleasure Hip Asahi Mizuno - 6 kilograms of realistic pleasure!

Imagine that girl running on the treadmill in the gym. You spot her right away because of her shapely curves. Like in slow motion you see her ass bouncing up and down with every step she takes... Already got your attention? Be sure to read more about this big ass pleasure hip! The designers at NPG created a wonderful follow up to their Extreme Pleasure Hip series. Adult performer Asahi Mizuno was the star used to create this amazing big masturbator. Born in 1990, Asahi Mizuno is an actress to be reckoned with. She is a rather curvy girl for Japanese standards and this definitely shows in this new product.

Full pleasure hip

This hip from NPG is not a simple toy, it is a 6kg pleasure machine. It is made from a very soft, subtle material which fits perfectly around you. This material gives you an added bouncy feel when you pound this hip. With its dimensions of 27 by 27cm, it feels like the real thing. Also, it's sheer volume makes it so that you can’t feel your hands gripping on when you are inside her making the experience more realistic. If you combine this hip with a USB warmer, you will experience a small moment of heaven, believe me.

Soft entry, big pleasure

This masturbator has two entries with different designs and unique feel to them. Her anal tunnel has a soft entry which shortly transitions to her tighter area. This is lined with small ridges giving you intense stimulation. The curling middle part flows from left to right and ends with a tight finish. Perfect if you want an intense ride and stimulation. Her vaginal tunnel is made for a much softer experience. It starts with small bumps and an uneven structure which will keep surprising you. The second zone is a bit wider and is lined with small ridges closely aligned with each other. In the middle there is a pleasure bump to give you that extra stimulation. Towards the end the tunnel is tapered which iss perfect to get you off. I would say it is almost better than the real thing...

You might enjoy her on top of you but don't forget to change positions. When you take her doggy style, which I definitely recommend, you feel her from an entirely different angle. Be sure to let your imagination go free!

Cleaning your pleasure hip

Only use water based lubricants with this masturbator hip. Use water and mild soap to clean this hip to ensure long lifetime. Dry afterward by inserting a towel or paper towel until it is completely dry to the touch. Use maintenance powder on the outside to repel dust and dirt.

Extreme Pleasure Hip properties

Height 17cm
Depth 27cm
Width 27cm
Weight 6 kg
Including free lubricant sample

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