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Omschrijving / Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation - EPH3 - Asahi Mizuno

Extreme Pleasure Hip Asahi Mizuno - 6 kilo realistisch plezier!

Beeld je in: dat meisje op de loopband in de sportschool. Je merkt haar meteen op vanwege haar welgevormde rondingen. Net als in slow motion zie je haar kont op en neer stuiteren bij elke stap die ze zet... Heb ik je aandacht getrokken? Lees zeker meer over deze grote en leuke hip! De ontwerpers van NPG creëerden een prachtig vervolg op hun Extreme Pleasure Hip serie. De volwassen actrice Asahi Mizuno was de ster waarop deze geweldige grote masturbator gebaseerd is. Asahi Mizuno, geboren in 1990, is een aantrekkelijke actrice. Naar Japanse normen heeft ze nogal wat rondingen en dat is zeker te zien in dit nieuwe product.

Pleasure Hip boordevol plezier

Deze hip van NPG is geen eenvoudig speelgoed, het is een leuk speeltje van 6 kg. Het is gemaakt van een zeer zacht, subtiel materiaal dat perfect om je heen past. Dit materiaal geeft je een extra veerkrachtig gevoel als je op deze hip slaat. Met zijn afmetingen van 27 bij 27 cm lijkt het zeer realistisch. Bovendien zorgt het volume ervoor dat je het niet voelt dat je handen haar vasthouden terwijl je in haar zit, wat de ervaring nog realistischer maakt. Als je deze hip combineert met een USB-warmer, beleef je een stukje paradijs, geloof me.

Zachte ingang, geweldig genot

Deze masturbator heeft twee ingangen met verschillende ontwerpen en een uniek gevoel. Haar anale tunnel heeft een zachte opening die snel overgaat in een strakker gedeelte van haar lichaam. Deze is bekleed met kleine ribbels waardoor je intensief gestimuleerd wordt. Het golvende middengedeelte loopt van links naar rechts en eindigt in een strakke vorm. Perfect als je een intense ervaring en stimulatie wilt. Haar vaginale tunnel is gemaakt voor een veel zachtere ervaring. Het begint met kleine hobbels en een ongelijkmatige structuur die je blijft verrassen. De tweede zone is wat breder en is bekleed met kleine ribbels die strak op elkaar zijn aangesloten. In het midden is er een aangename hobbel om je die extra stimulatie te geven. Naar het einde toe is de tunnel kegelvormig, wat perfect is om klaar te komen. Ik zou zeggen dat het bijna beter is dan het echte werk...

Je kan van haar genieten terwijl ze bovenop je zit, maar vergeet niet van positie te veranderen. Als je haar op zijn hondjes neemt, wat ik zeker aanbeveel, dan voel je haar vanuit een heel andere hoek. Laat je fantasie de vrije loop!

Het reinigen van de Pleasure Hip

Gebruik enkel glijmiddelen op waterbasis met deze masturbator hip. Gebruik water en milde zeep om deze hip te reinigen, dit zorgt voor een lange levensduur. Droog daarna af door een handdoek of papieren handdoek in te brengen totdat deze volledig droog aanvoelt. Gebruik onderhoudspoeder aan de buitenzijde om stof en vuil te verwijderen.

Extreme Pleasure Hip kenmerken

Hoogte 17cm
Diepte 27cm
Breedte 27cm
Gewicht 6 kg
Inclusief een gratis staaltje glijmiddel

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Meer informatie

# of holes 2
Gewicht 6.000,00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Porn
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 2

International Reviews

Awesome jiggle!
Gereviewd door r/onaholes2 Subreddit
I have read many great things about this famous toy before, so I have high expectations, and I'm excited to be able to check it out myself. Let's see if this hip deserves its reputation!

Let's start from the outside:

This hip is modeled after the AV actress Asahi Mizuno. NPG really has mastered the art of making their toys tunnels look as enticing as possible. Just the way they do these lubed-up shots with flash makes you really eager to feel them yourself.
Overall it looks very nice, I would say. Looks are, of course, pretty subjective, but they definitely paid a lot of attention to detail. They added a tiny belly button and a highly detailed skin surface around the labia and anus.
I think it looks even better from a doggy-style perspective because, from this angle, it is less noticeable that the legs are actually missing. When it comes to realism, of course a torso or even a whole doll would be superior, but because of the exponentially increased cleaning effort associated with these, I think this shape is the perfect middle ground: You can grab an ass, feel some weight on your hips, and get visually stimulated by its jiggliness, while still keeping the cleaning effort reasonable.

Speaking of jiggle... this ass is crazy jiggly. This is because the material is very soft for a toy of its size—much softer than my Puni Ana Miracle DX, for example, which is way too hard to be realistic in my opinion.
Here is a video I made to showcase how insane it actually is:
This is the toy's best feature for me, and it is what sets it apart from many competing products. I think this should have been showcased much better in the marketing for this toy. When fucking this hip, these jiggles look really sexy and add so much to the experience.

Unfortunately, though, being this soft makes it quite a bit harder to handle in combination with its weight of 6kg (13 pounds).
Size wise, it's perfect; at a height of 17cm and a length and width of 27cm each, it's just big enough to feel realistic without making it unnecessarily hard to handle and clean.The soft material is a little bit oily, as expected, but it's not bad; I just hope it won't turn sticky in the future, as powdering it would increase its maintenance effort even further. It has a faint smell, but nothing too noticeable in my opinion.

But how does it feel?
Short answer: Really good!
Long answer: The vaginal tunnel is my favorite. It has below-average tightness, and the red material used for the insides is firmer than the one used for the outside but still relatively soft. The texture, though, is very noticeable, especially the part in the entrance, and it feels so good that I would put it among the best onaholes I have used so far.Stimulation-wise, it is around a 6/10; it's not too intense but feels just right for me. I also like that the feeling is varied from entrance to end because it has 2 differently themed sections that really complement each other.
The anal tunnel is not that good, unfortunately; it's decently tighter but really lacks any sensation of texturing. Stimulation would be a 4/10 because, even though it's tighter, there is not much else going on. I appreciate that it's there, though.
Interestingly, this toy made me realize that you cannot objectively rate a toy's tunnel design in a vacuum. You have to take the whole experience into account.I say this because the tunnels are actually not that high on the stimulation scale, but they can still make me cum really fast if I'm not careful because of the visual stimulation from the ass jiggling and the realism gained from its weight smashing against my hips.

Cleaning: quite a bit more work than with your usual onahole, as expected. But it's honestly not too bad. The way I clean this one is by unscrewing the shower head from the hose and flushing it like that.
Unfortunately, the end of the vaginal tunnel immediately ripped because of some water pressure building up. I'm not sure if this is bad design or a factory defect, but it's back wall is really fragile and would have ripped very soon anyway, as the water pressure was very low when this happened.
I'm not even mad about this, though, as the open-ended tunnel makes it much easier to flush through now, and it's not even noticeable visually. It's not a bug, it's a feature! The only thing I have to make sure of for now is that there are no cracks that could trap moisture. The anal tunnel back seems much more resistant and just keeps squirting out water for a long time after being filled up.

The Extreme Pleasure Hip is a great hip toy with a unique jiggliness. While its vaginal tunnel is amazing, the anal one is just alright.So if you're looking for an experience that's closer to actual sex than masturbating with your regular onahole, but want to avoid the immense maintenance and cost associated with something like a torso or sex doll, this would be a great option to buy.
So overall ill rate this toy at a 9/10!
The only thing I would like to see improved for a fourth generation would be connected or open-ended tunnels for easier cleaning and a better-designed anal tunnel.

Pros and Cons:
+Amazingly jiggly
+Vaginal tunnel feels great
+Practical size
+Soft material
+Nice packaging
+Free lube

-More expensive than similar sized hip toys
-Softness makes it harder to handle
-Cleaning takes a little more effort than usual
-Anal tunnel is a bit lackluster
-Fragile? (The back of the Vaginal tunnel ripped while cleaning)
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Thrust or DIE!
Gereviewd door Federik
Yeah this one was initially a regret of mine, I used it 2 times with no good fellings out of it, so I changed approach, thrusting is the key here + spooning position, to create a feeling of tightness, because the holes are quite loose, so if you use it like that you get the best feeling out of it!
Cleaning or not cleaning that's the problem (I'm joking, always clean it!), so I suggest to go for a round 2 or more if you are up for the challenge before cleaning it, because the entire process is of cleaning and drying it's a pain with this one, so use it like no tomorrow before doing it, because there 0 chance you are going to re-do it the near future xD
Full price, it's a bit high, but it's a 6KG hip from N.P.G. so yeah that's to be expected, I suggest to buy it on sale!
Another side note for the MotsuToys shipping experience, I've ordered a lot of onahole with this one, and this onahip was shipped in a separate box to avoid breaking the other small ones, amazing care as always!
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Mixed bag
Gereviewd door Mark
A nice looking hip for a little bit of a markup price.

If you are looking for a realistic, soft and great looking hip, I would heartwarmingly reccommend it.

Both hole openings are quite unique and offer decent stimulation, but I would say that the pleasure is more to be desired compared to other cheaper toys on the market. Even for me, being quite sensitive and having bought numerous soft edition toys in the past, I can't fully reccomend the product for the price, as there are other toys (for example: Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro) which I would rate higher in terms of feel compared to this product (personal preference).

If your goal is the feeling and nothing else, look elsewhere. Otherwise a really nice product with a great heft and bounce.
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Gereviewd door John Doe
Finally received this monster!!!

It comes in the box in the picture, exactly fitting it, and it's in another simple cardboard box with a tiny label. I guess it's for not scaring some people and possibly avoiding some heart attacks lol! That Japanese girl with a huge butt is very exciting along the other content.

This toy is soft no question about it, it's like the Cocolo SE. The descriptions in Japanese websites are wrong, I measured it and the pussy is about 16cm deep and the anus about 14cm. So if you're average you will go balls deep in it!

Now it's anatomically correct and therefore easy to penetrate, and the butt cheeks hitting you feels just great!

As it's impressively soft for a toy of this size, you can for instance let it fuck you by grabbing it and move it back and forth, the whole thing will move and jiggle amazingly.

I do prefer the back hole as it's more subtle but the front is also great though a little harder and more textured. But they're both great and you can fuck either no matter the orientation.

You can even fuck it at 90 degrees and it's amazing because you then feel these huge but cheeks on you more intensely!

The only issue is that 45 degrees back end, I don't know why they did it as such, so when you use it front facing it jiggles a bit too much. So what one should do when put on a table is have something in front of it to reduce that effect and then it's more under control lol!

But of course you can use your hands while using it and it's really different sensations yet as enjoyable as hands free and possibly even more because you let it wrap you just as you wish.

And it's really heav(enl)y!!!

A bit expensive but great quality, if you like soft toys like me you can go for it and won't be disappointed
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