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Stank Bitch

Are you tired of the onaholes hyping up the innocent virgin type? This onahole is for you! This Stank Bitch onahole is based on a girl who wants to be your little slut, and loves nothing more than taking your cock in a public bathroom.

Your personal slut

The Stank Bitch’s box features a girl lying on her back, covered in cum, blushing happily and with degrading graffiti all over her body. There’s no question about it: you can do anything you want with this slut!

The other sides of the box show how you can abuse this cumdumpster: You can stretch this onahole’s opening wide, or twist the top and bottom in different directions.

The onaholestank bitch

The Stank Bitch is very true to the pictures on the packaging: a curvy body with a nice ass, narrow waist and nice tits. Instead of the writing being on her skin, the onahole has them etched into the material, which not only looks great but also gives it a little extra grip.

The material is quite stretchy, with very little smell - despite the “stank” in the name. When you take it out of the box you might notice that the midsection is rather soft. The walls here are thin, which gives the Stank Bitch a lot of flexibility.

Cock-hungry pussy: beware the suction!

This slut doesn’t have a tight, virginal pussy for you to deflower. She has a fairly wide tunnel, lined with an assortment of nubs and ribs. The level of stimulation these offer is fairly mild, though gripping the Stank Bitch tightly will allow you to make it more intense. The most noticeable features are the big pleasure bump at the start, and the two large gates just before the end chamber, which massage the sensitive part just below the head of your cock.

The real strength of the Stank Bitch lies in the vacuum chamber. If you use plenty of lube and squeeze out the air before sliding inside, the Stank Bitch will give you one of the best vacuums you’ve ever felt in an onahole, especially one this cheap. When you pull back, the Stank bitch will try to keep its shape - but because it can’t suck in air, a vacuum is formed and she sucks your cock back inside. This onahole is definitely hungry for cock!

Abuse her a little

A-One made the Stank Bitch out of very resilient material, so don’t be afraid to squeeze, stretch or twist this masturbator. The thin walls at the midsection make it very easy to rotate the top around while keeping the base in place.


This onahole is made out of two types of material: the outside is a pale skin-coloured TPE, which feels soft to the touch and looks lifelike. The this inside layer is a reddish pink, and is designed specifically to give the right amount of stimulation.

In short

The Stank Bitch is an incredibly fun toy, with a theme we don’t see all that often. The vacuum suction is amazing, and turns what could be a novelty toy into a masturbator you really have to try.


Onahole length: 14.2 cm
Onahole width: 7.5 cm
Onahole weight: 310 grams
Material: TPE
Includes free lube sample
Made by A-One

Extra informatie

  1. Super Review by Anon

    Deze ona is lekker voor een lekker raggen. De binnenkant is erg wijd. Het heeft een lekker zuigende werking, waardoor het nog beter voelt. Voor deze prijs ben ik zeer tevreden met de kwaliteit. (Geplaatst op 01-01-2019)

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