Motsu Points

Do you like discount codes? Coupons? Free stuff? Of course you do. Earn them automatically with Motsupoints! You're enrolled when you make an account so be sure to sign up before your first order so you don’t miss out!

What’s a loyalty programme?

It’s simple: we want return customers to feel appreciated, so we set up a system where you earn points for things like placing orders or leaving product reviews. These points can then be spent on the rewards you like best, so you always end up with something you want.

Earning Motsupoints is easy

There are a couple of ways to earn Motsupoints - most of the time, you’ll earn a bunch without even thinking about it. Here are some ways you’ll get points:

Motsutoys mascotte loyalty programme for discounts

  • Make an account: some free points to welcome you to our loyalty program
  • Make a purchase: each purchase earns points, but you’ll get more points for bigger purchases. The points will not be added to your account right away; there’s a small waiting period to account for canceled orders et cetera.
  • Leave a review: reviews can be very helpful, especially since what is “good'' is so subjective. We value your opinion and will reward you with motsupoints every time you leave a review! Note that we do have to approve these manually to combat spam, so you won’t get the points the moment you click “submit”.
  • Refer a friend
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Have a birthday

When you make regular purchases you may even get upgraded to Gold or V.I.P. tier! In these tiers you earn points even more quickly, getting bigger rewards for your purchases and reviews.

Claim your Motsutoys coupons and discounts

Once you’ve earned some points, you can exchange them for motsutoys discount codes and coupons by selecting them on the Motsupoints page. So what can you get? We change the rewards occasionally, but we usually have things like a 10% discount code, a free bottle of lube or a free toy sack.

The points you’ve earned will expire after 12 months, so be sure to spend them before that! And like with all our codes, you can only use one per purchase.

Make an account and start earning rewards >

Motsutoys loyalty program discount and coupon sex toys * note: we change our rewards frequently, so they may not match what's in the picture exactly. But it's usually pretty similar.