Meiki No Shoumei 11: Syouko Takahashi pocket pussy

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Meiki Series – No.11 Naoko Takahashi

This new addition to NPG’s Meiki series is finally here! NPG used their years of experience making toys for men and created No.11. They picked adult performer Takahashi Shoko to base this onahole and it turned out to be a real treat. With her 161cm and busty G-cup she looks like a sweet innocent young girl but don’t let her looks fool you, she knows what she is doing;) Imagine that you can play with this sweet looking performer with her big breasts. Have her your way with this onahole from NPG. This toy definitely is a great addition to your collection; be sure to read more about her tricks below...

Crazy variation inside

For the design, NPG decided on a two-layer design which offers durability and firmness. Her entrance looks innocent but hides a big surprise: it is soft pink and feels like the real thing. It is
Meiki No 11 propertieslined with an immense amount of bumps and ridges which never gets boring thanks to the several very different pleasure zones. You start off in a wider area with ridges and big bumps, which transitions to a twirling tunnel with many small bumps and intense stimulation. Customers especially are fond of this middle zone, with the feel and variation they experience. Towards the end of the tunnel, you feel the tunnel getting smaller and you’re gripped by several ridges which push against and keep you inside. This narrowing of her vagina gives you that intense stimulation you are looking for. This masturbator gives you the chance to try an adult performer… How long can you last?

Realistic feel

The details of her labia very subtle and realistic. The outside feel is soft and the shape is perfect for you to work with one hand. The material NPG used for the Meiki 11 is stretchy and therefore fits perfectly around you. Looking for some more variation? Turn the masturbator clockwise and experience her design from a completely different angle. You will not get bored, I promise!

The toy comes in a premium printer box where she is standing in various sexy positions. You can keep this onahole in the box to protect it and to keep staring at her curves on the outside. It even comes with a poster and a lube sample so you can get started right away.

Use and cleaning

Only use water based lubricants with this masturbator.
Use water and mild soap to clean this onahole for long-lasting pleasure. Dry afterward by inserting a towel or paper towel until it is completely dry to the touch. Use maintenance powder on the outside to repel dust and dirt.

Meiki Series – No.11 Naoko Takahashi Specifications

Weight: 800grams
Length 20 cms
Height 8 cms
Width 10 cms
including free poster
including free lube sample
Manufactured by NPG

Extra informatie

  1. Geweldig product en nog betere service Review by Ed

    Na de Monster Wet Real, welke bij mij stuk is gegaan, sprak dit product op basis van de afbeeldingen mij aan. De structuur van het product, welke goed zijn afgebeeld, geeft een fantastische sensatie en stimulatie. De ervaring is echt aan te raden, terwijl het eerst wel wennen is maar uiteindelijk krijg je er geen genoeg van. Het is erg elastisch maar toch stevig. Hierdoor is het goed schoon te spoelen. Een doek erin stopen is wel lastig maar daar zijn inmiddels ook producten voor. Binnenste buiten keren raad ik sowieso af omdat daardoor mijn Monster Wet Real kapot is gegaan. De service van Niels van Motsutoys is super! Bedankt hiervoor! (Geplaatst op 03-04-2020)

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