Gekiretsu - Super Hard Curling Girl

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Gekiretsu - Super Hard Curling Girl

Curling might not seem like the most interesting sport, but don't be fooled: the girls playing this sport are dedicated, strong and have beautiful hard bodies. When they scrub the ice you can see their glutes tense and their breasts jiggle... Do you think you could conquer a girl like that, and turn her to putty in your hands? 

Tough girl: intense and stimulating masturbator

The Gekiretsu Curling Girl won't go easy on you. The clear material is fairly firm, which means the texture will deliver more stimulation. If you want to have a slightly less intense ride you can use a thicker lube.

This onahole takes the curling theme further than just the name and the box: on the inside, there are several structures shaped like curling stones. A large one is placed at the entrance, in the middle of a whirling spiral, and foor smaller ones are placed towards the back, their flexible : handles"troking you from the top, bottom, left and right. At the very end, you'll reach the goal - and we don't use "goal as a euphemism for orgasm here. Towards the back the tunnel hets narrower, tightening around you, before opening up for the end chamber, which has the concentric rings of a goal overlaid on it. This mild texture is a unique sensation against the head of your penis. 

Gekiretsu Curling Girl specifications

Total length 15.5 cm
Overall width 7 cm
Internal length 14 3cm
Weight 237 g
Product material TPE
Made in Japan

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